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Best Horror Movies says "Insidious Chapter 3 has a lavish buffet of fright and scares. Yes, lots of good jumps, with many of them being the kind immediately preceded by you covering your face, looking through your fingers, ‘cause you know you’re being played… and played well."

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Aldous_Snow1284d ago

The 1st was OK, couple of jump scares and that creepy song. The 2nd was just terrible in every way imaginable, stupid confusing storyline with the crossdressing ghost from the 1st.

Willgive the 3rd a go,just to finish the trilogy, but I ain't holding my breath.

gamedruid1284d ago

the 3rd is actually pretty good. Buy agree..2 was crap! the first one was awesome!

TricksterArrow1284d ago

Really? The second one was so easy to follow I honestly felt it was kind of cheap (even though the first already was, somewhat). I liked the time travel aspect of it though, adding value to the first one.

gangsta_red1284d ago

I loved the first one, the second one was okay. I'm more disappointed that the 3rd one is a prequel, I mean after the cliffhanger the 2nd one left us on I expected the third to move forward with the story.

ajax171284d ago

Cool. The Insidious movies are a guilty pleasure of mine