WWE Monday Night RAW: June 1, 2015 Review - AVClub

AVClub: If you’re a fan of re-runs, especially in weekly episodic sports entertainment, then this week’s episode of RAW is the one for you. A lot of main roster WWE is a re-run, so that must sound redundant, but this is also a RAW in which Roman Reigns has a match every single hour, so there’s even more repetition within a re-run. Sure, Roman Reigns finally gets to wrestle outside of the Authority sphere this week, but each match is a case of diminishing returns, and no, that’s not because of Roman selling the deteriorating effects of each of the matches. Two of the matches are probably shot-for-shot remakes of ones from a Best Of WWE 2011 DVD. The Bellas are identical twins again for anyone without eyes (WWE officials, of course). Oh, the Authority started the show, and they’re still not half as smart as they’re supposed to be. And Cena shrugs off a loss and passionate promo from Owens with the same old “I’m here every week” and sick kid rhetoric.* There’s also the joke of a commentary team, who find new ways to be inept each and every week.

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