‘The Intern’ Trailer – Not The Work Relationship You Would Expect

Gambitcon - In “The Intern,” Robert De Niro stars as Ben Whittaker, a 70-year-old widower who has discovered that retirement isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Seizing an opportunity to get back in the game, he becomes a senior intern at an online fashion site, founded and run by Jules Ostin (Anne Hathaway). The Intern opens September 25. Also starring are Rene Russo, Adam DeVine and Nat Wolff.

I’m glad that after six years Nancy Meyers found a material for herself that she would like to direct. I can come up with only a handful of directors who can create this feel good atmosphere. Something’s Gotta Give and The Holiday are absolute classics and this looks like a pleasantly spent time once again. Robert De Niro seems to be just enjoying his acting lately and for me he’s become more fun as an actor.

The premise might be a bit wacky. Senior (as in age) intern program? If that is a real thing I would like to hear about it.

The last joke aboslutely kills it and is the most truthful thing I’ve heard anyone say in a long time.

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