‘Spider-Man’ Director Short List Topped By Ted Melfi & Jonathan Levine


As Sony Pictures preps The Dark Tower (talks are starting with Nikolaj Arcel to direct) and the Paul Feig-directed Ghostbusters as new franchises, and prepares to compete to re-up for the right to keep making James Bond movies when its deal expires after the upcoming Spectre, the studio is also getting close to untangling the web of intrigue over the next iteration of Spider-Man. It’s down to the wire, both on the choice of the actor who’ll play Peter Parker — Asa Butterfield and Tom Holland are the frontrunners — and also on the filmmaker who’ll steer a multi-picture arc that takes the protagonist through high school.

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WizzroSupreme1285d ago

Eh, well, Spider-man has nowhere to go but up, I suppose. As long as another rom-com director isn't onboard, I'm game.