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First Look At Bald James McAvoy For X-Men: Apocalypse


Check out a first look at a bald James McAvoy on the set of X-Men: Apocalypse.

McAvoy plays Charles Xavier, aka Professor X, who is bald in the comics with Patrick Stewart having played the older version of the character.

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alycakes2743d ago

See that doesn't make sense that he can walk. At the end of the first one he was already in the wheelchair. I was sick when I took everyone to see the second one so I out while it was on and haven't seen it yet....I know, I need to watch it...I have it here but haven't seen it yet. That still doesn't tell me how he's walking again.

Crazay2743d ago

I think he's just out and about in this picture.

alycakes2743d ago

Well,Duh! I didn't think of that....I'm just tired from the weekend I guess.

Porcelain_Chicken2742d ago

You gotta see that second one! :0 It's a really good flick. Easily my favorite Superhero movie of last year.

alycakes2742d ago

I will before this next one comes out. I've been trying to play catch up on movies all year.

sjaakiejj2742d ago

Second one explains why he can walk. But I think this picture is just like Crazay said, he's just out and about.

WizzroSupreme2742d ago

He looks more like Patrick Steward than ever now.