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Glen A. Larson's Knight Rider: The Untold Story Part 5

PYB: Part V of our exclusive interview with digital artist Nick Nugent on is now live! This one is for all you fan of Knight Rider: The Series aka "KR08". Find out what Nick thought about the series and he reveals a creative sort of "fan fiction" visual storyline written as if he was behind the driver's seat of a Season 2 premiere! Find out what happened to the original F.L.A.G. team and a mysterious secret that connects Knight Rider's past to its high tech present!

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joyride912584d ago

i wish thats how the 2008 series direction went...alas..wishful thinking!

kingPoS2582d ago (Edited 2582d ago )

I was so dismayed, KR2008 took dangerous shortcuts causing everything just to fall apart plot wise. And car... they were better off using a late model Pontiac GTO.
Instead, to the misery of fans, the flagship was a... ford mustang.


joyride912582d ago

they should have included both Hoff and the old KITT

kingPoS2582d ago

Kitt just wasn't the same without the witty remarks, and who's idea was it for Karr end up as some kind of android, not that the show got a chance to show him off.

*sigh* It could of been great... had they stuck with GM.

joyride912582d ago

yea KARR was horribly executed...they didn't create the right bridge between the origina series and new series. it could have been so much better. it sucks that it didnt. If Glen Larson was alive, maybe we would even seen a new movie being made, but nothing to come of it now it seems.