Ballers: Second Trailer Features Dwayne Johnson Hustling to Sign Star Athletes

HBO has released the second trailer for Ballers, their upcoming comedic drama about the lives of football players, agents, coaches, and managers in Florida. The series is top-lined by Dwayne Johnson, who plays Spencer Strassmore, a former NFL player who turns in the jersey and pigskin for tailored suits and a deal to sign on former friends and new players as the face of a sports management company, run by a sleazy businessman named Joe (Rob Corddry). The trailer feels very much like a more nuanced vision of the sports world, not unlike a slightly less sensationalized version of Oliver Stone‘s Any Given Sunday. The trailer also teases the inherent trouble that comes from getting into business with your friends or, as Johnson’s characters puts it, “monetizing my friendships,” which would seemingly be the thematic spine of the anticipated series.

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