Ben Affleck's Batman Chases After Jared Leto's Joker in New 'Suicide Squad' Set Photos

Just Jared

Ben Affleck‘s Batman hops on top of Jared Leto‘s Joker car while filming scenes for Suicide Squad on Wednesday evening (May 27) in Toronto, Canada.

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alycakes2177d ago

I love Jared Leto but I'm still not feeling good about this Joker and I don't know why yet. Maybe when they come out with a trailer or teaser with him in it and I can see or hear him I'll change my mind.

-Foxtrot2176d ago (Edited 2176d ago )

He's a good actor and will play the role very well but looking like that it's going to put people off despite how well he plays him.

If the costume/dress sense is totally off it kind of ruins the overall experience.

If Heath Ledger looked like that it would of killed his performance a bit

Porcelain_Chicken2176d ago

No way lol. Ledger was awesome because his performance fit the look so well. The make-up was sloppy as was his mannerisms. The way he was always hunched forward. The way he dressed. It all fell into place despite his Joker looking no more different to comic Joker than Leto's Joker.

Like Ledger before him, all Leto has to do is have his performance match his look. Easier said than done I know. But he does that and he'll be just fine.

-Foxtrot2176d ago

Heath was good because his clothing and style resembled the Joker we all know and loved but at the same time had a unique spin on it which fit within the Nolanverse.

What they've done here is tried way too hard and even if he did a performance which "matched his look" I don't think it would be very good. It's just a good look even if he wasn't playing the Joker.

Least Heath Ledgers was good on it's own and respected the comic book version at the same tikme

Porcelain_Chicken2176d ago

Comic Joker and Ledger Joker don't have the same style at all. Ledger had a very disheveled look. Fuzzy hair, scars and messy face paint. Comic Joker was usually dressed very dapper with (usually) a neat hair do. Yet Ledger managed to capture the very soul of the Joker while giving it it's own spin. That's what I meant in my first message.

Leto has a big task but a similar one nonetheless. Capture the spirit of the Joker while also giving it his own spin which matches the look.

cell9892175d ago

people have way too much faith in Leto as Joker. Yes hes an excellent actor, but when it comes to movies, its more than just the actor. The directors vision will matter a lot too. Heathe was excellent in part because of Nolans take on Batman. A lot of factors will come into play, Ill hold my judgment till then, not gonna get hyped up just yet

tekksin2176d ago

I hope this joker is a suave deliberate villain who has an air of insanity one would be tempted not to test. The sort of silent fury you have when you know you're about to piss off your dad. It's, in essence, the sincerest form of fear, and perfect for a villain.

Hroach6162176d ago

Mark Hamill's joker is end all be all. I love his portrayal. One second the funny clown who will throw a pie at someone. Then in an instant he becomes dark and murderous.

Hopefully the tone is similar in this.

QuebecSuperstar2176d ago

That's the best Batsuit in all Batman movies, in my opinion.

SilentNegotiator2176d ago (Edited 2176d ago )

Except for the horrendous insignia. But it matches Superman's disproportionate fat S for the upcoming movie, at least.

Monstar2175d ago

fuck you talking about?

level 3602176d ago

I think because of Heath Ledger's masterful performance ( and Bless his soul ) nearly took over from Christian Bale's Batman character in the Dark Knight.. but with this I positively think Ben Affleck as the Batman will be the star.

This could be the Best Batman with that damaged, raw look.

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The story is too old to be commented.