The Road Warrior: How Mad Max Fury Road's George Miller Made One Of The Best Action Scenes Ever


It’s much ado about Mad Max at the moment, with the fourth film in the series, Fury Road, opening last week to rave reviews and big buzz among genre fans. Of course, Fury Road’s chief draw is its intense action scenes and car chases, but there’s much more to the movie than just crash-em-ups and ‘splosions. And that’s the real trick to director George Miller’s film, and really the entire quartet of Mad Max movies. Miller, through his action scenes and frequently with no dialogue, is able to impart story, character, and genuine emotion in a way that many of his peers can only hope to achieve. He is an exemplar of the “show, don’t tell” school of storytelling.

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WizzroSupreme1291d ago

I still have to see these old Mad Max films – I've only seen the new one, which was a blast.