WASDuk : Supergirl Review

WASDuk's Fantaesque writes: "DC’s latest superhero TV series, Supergirl, is set to debut in November this year but has been leaked/described as leaked in a marketing ploy six months early. There has been a lot of hype for the series from the media excited for a heroic female lead, which is nice given that there hasn’t been a female superhero taking centre stage in DC since 2004′s Catwoman. The least said about that the better."

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StarWarsFan1293d ago

I can't wait for this show. I think the Superman movies should be this bright. I wasn't and am still not a fan of the darker palette in Man of Steel. Despite its faults, I at least admired Superman Returns more for continuing the atmosphere of the original movies.

Arkworthy1293d ago

I can see what you mean. I'm not the biggest fan of the show for other reasons, but it at least isn't some overly-gritty mish-mash of demolition porn and "tortured" heroes.

StarWarsFan1292d ago

Definitely. I liken this to the original Spider-Man movies. They were bright and fun. They didn't need to get dark to have emotions playing. Man Of Steel seemed just so bloated with bleak effects and depression. It had no heart. When a character was sad, you did't even feel it because everything's sad in the movie.

When seeing Superman Returns even today, it still reminds me of the original movies and I think it touches a great emotional cord in that sense. If they had just put in the creative effort towards a sequel to Superman Returns, this Supergirl would fit so well into the universe between the two.

Arkworthy1292d ago

In a world where optimism in superhero movies is seen as a corny old throwback to the 60's, it's really refreshing to hear someone other than me shares this view!