M. Night Shyamalan Defends His Avatar: The Last Air Bender Adaptation


M. Night Shyamalan has returned to the murky waters of the mystery with his new surreal FOX series Wayward Pines. IGN was able to sit down with the writer director to talk about the show, where we also touched on the potential of an Unbreakable television series and the...less than enthusiastic fan and critical response to his live-action adaptation of Nickelodeon's Avatar: The Last Airbender.

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pompombrum1611d ago

I actually liked The Last Air Bender. The world was fantastic and the story wasn't too bad. Some of the dialogue and performances though were 80s cheese level of being so bad you had to laugh.

starchild1610d ago

Amazing visuals in that movie too.

Godmars2901610d ago

have you seen the series that it was suppose to be based on? The one it overly compressed and special effects it minimized?

InTheLab1611d ago

Almost immediately you get the sense that he ignored all criticisms of his movie with that line about transformers and Meghan Fox.

Aang is a lifeless joyless bore
the casting was terrible
The special affects were embarrassing
The bending was awful

They took everything you love about the show and tried to a Nolan it by making it more real and it just didn't work.

Taz Yamauchi1610d ago

Actually the visual effects were preety good, it was just a bad movie that's all

InTheLab1610d ago

Some of the effects were nice but man....

Remember that scene where the FREAKING EARTH BENDERS are trapped in a prison camp filled with dirt for them to bend? Took like 20 of them to move one tiny little rock and it wasn't even synced with their movements. So I'm really talking about the practical special effects and not the cgi.

freshslicepizza1611d ago

did nine and ten year olds like the last airbender?

ironfist921611d ago

I just recently watched After Earth for the first time and OH MY GOD IT... wasnt that bad tbh! Not the best movie, not the worst movie, but couldve been made alot better. But for all its hate, it didnt actually deserve it. Had an interesting premise with interesting themes and some golden dialogue moments.

cell9891611d ago

It wasn't that bad indeed

Baka-akaB1610d ago (Edited 1610d ago )

It was that bad imo , even if not the worst movie ever but deserving of all the flak it received . There wasnt actually much dialogues , wich isnt a flaw in itself . Except that when it did , it either made little sense and lacked oomph , or was completed mangled by poor and wooden acting . It even made the acting from Jake Loyd and Hayden Christensen in Phantom menace looks good .

People dont just hate or dislike the movie because of the nepotism and some newfound negativity against the Smiths . It would look as bad without context and people living in caves not aware of Jaden Smith

coolbeans1610d ago

I can't say for sure how everyone else has reacted to it (especially having seen any "worst movie" accusations), but it's a pretty damn near awful film in so many respects. Sure, a father/son sci-fi survival adventure can certainly be a good premise but when zero effort goes into the execution that praise isn't going to go far for me.

aviator1891610d ago

ok, look m night.
I totally dig some of your other work - signs, 6th sense, village, even the happening and the new wayward pines, but dear god man, the last airbender was incredibly bad. Poorly directed, poorly written (you even got the damn names incorrectly pronounced!), poorly casted, and had poor cgi (seriously, earth bending looked like dust But on the bright side, the music was pretty epic.

Yehshuah1610d ago

i haven't seen it but heard it sucked. lol your commment is funny. M night movies have decent to good scores.

I have to agree, I do dig his older work, Village, signs, sixth sense, unbreakable, are all classic

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