Ranking the Mad Max Films From Worst to First

EB: Mad Max: Fury Road sped into theaters last week and collectively blew the minds of everyone that went to see it. It truly is an amazing action movie that is both full of insane stunts and explosions, as well as strong female characters, which many probably didn’t expect to see in a Mad Max movie. After watching it twice during its opening weekend (yes it’s worth it, read my review), as well as revising the three original movies in digital HD, I now feel the need to rank the four films from the worst to the best, not that a Mad Max film can be garbage, but a few are definitely heads and tails above the others.

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-Foxtrot1877d ago (Edited 1877d ago )

Fury Road number 1...REALLY

Seriously it's getting ridiculous now, the film is good but good god it's become so over hyped and overrated.

Now people are saying it's better then the first

Least they actually felt like Mad Max films which focused on Max. They were gritty, didn't rely on CGI constantly, had violent moments and showed you how much of a bad ass Max was. My opinion.

The Road Warrior
Mad Max
Fury Road
Beyond Thunderdome

WizzroSupreme1877d ago

Fury Road might be a lot less of a Mad Max film, but it is a better film then any of the previous Mad Maxes just in sheer entertainment value, I think.

ironfist921877d ago

Fury Road is almost like the movie he wishes he couldve made back in the 80's.

It truly feels like its ripped from the 80's and brought forward to the modern audience.

Cant wait for the Blu Ray release!

ironfist921877d ago

Fury Road
Road Warrior
Beyond Thunderdome
Mad Max

Just my opinion. Doesnt hurt anyone.

freshslicepizza1877d ago

i'd switch mad max and thunderdome around.

HAMM3RofBUDDHA1877d ago

There may be some CGI in Fury Road, but I never felt like Miller used it as a crutch. Most of the action scenes are all practical effects.

aDDicteD1870d ago

i just saw fury road and i liked it more than the old ones maybe i am biased and im not a big fan of the 80's mad max but fury road was more entertaining. road warrior is second and the original mad max is third.