Big Time in Hollywood, FL Season 1 Episodes 8/9 Review: “Monkey Largo”/”The Hand That Feeds” | TVOM

TVOM: "The ever-growing spiral of Big Time Hollywood, FL‘s absurd first season has been a delight to watch, an intricate web of stories and characters that grows larger and more complex with each passing week. What began as a family comedy about two man children refusing to grow up has slowly morphed itself into Burn After Reading meets the baby of Die Hard and Quentin Tarantino. By the time “The Hand That Feeds” ends, pedophile human trafficker Jason Alexander lies dead at the hands of a coked-out, one-armed Cuba Gooding, Jr., who is captured by the drug czar using Monkey Largo as a front for a massive drug deal. This is a long cry from where Big Time began, and how the show capitalizes on that relentless insanity in these two episodes is some of the most ambitious, entertaining TV I’ve watched in 2015."

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