A Few Thoughts on the Supergirl Trailer

Richard of writes "As for me; like I said before, I am excited for Supergirl. Does it seem “girly” to me? No, because I don’t see things that way. It looks more vibrant and fresh and light-hearted, but it reminds me of other shows that are similar in tone and became some of my favorites to watch. I can actually do with a bit more fun, cheer and optimism in my super hero faire. Which is kind of funny, if you think about it – wasn’t one of the main complaints leveled against Man of Steel was that it was too “dark” and not Superman-inspiring enough? Cause if you ask me, the Supergirl trailer kind of looks like the series is trying to bring some of that into the mythos. Just think about that…"

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WizzroSupreme1616d ago

Yeah, it's totally worth checking out for me. I like the lighter direction. A shame Superman couldn't get on the same bandwagon.

Arcee1615d ago

I know. I kind of look at Superman as inspiring hope and a brighter future. That was the point of the character and the way he was depicted for so many years, even still today. That was the whole point of Action Comics #775 - What's So Funny About Truth, Justice, and the American Way. So why have the films deviated so much from that? It just confounds me.