Matthew McConaughey Eyed For Spider-Man Villain


The YouTube channel That Hashtag Show is reporting that Matthew McConaughey is being courted to play none other than the titular Spider-Man villain, Norman Osborn. Before we get too deep into this rumor, let me clearly state that the outlet reporting this is fairly unknown to us, so please take this rumor with a grain of salt. With that said, they did confirm the BleedingCool report on Quicksilver's demise, as well as correctly named the members of the new Avengers team 1 month prior to the release of Avengers: Age Of Ultron. So while I am skeptical about this rumor, I'm trying to keep an open mind based on their track record.

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-Foxtrot1611d ago

With some of the rumours on Peter Parker's casting I honestly would take McConaughy as Peter XD

Porcelain_Chicken1611d ago

Rumors? I thought Asa Butterfield was already confirmed!?

-Foxtrot1611d ago

Well it said he was in "final talks" and even then it was a rumour.

alycakes1611d ago

I hope not. I want MM to continue making his own style of movies. I really don't think he needs to make a superhero movie.

Defectiv3_Detectiv31610d ago

Agreed. It would be incredibly distracting.

WizzroSupreme1610d ago

I'd totally take him as some hunky Kraven The Hunter – maybe as some bare chested, gator hunter version. *wink wink*

KingPin1610d ago

LMFAO at these comic book "experts" talking about casting movies.

MM as a villian, well alright, alright alright. but wait, he can pull it off coz he's an oscar winner.
DC shows off the new batman but according to these experts, they aint no way he can do it. but he too has an oscar. so wtf lol

once again "experts" are ok with marvel casting but not DCs. and why are they choosing such a young guy to play spiderman, dude looks like his balls hasnt dropped yet. But these "experts" are all like great choice. lol

StarWarsFan1610d ago

I doubt this. I doubt they're even looking for a specific villain right now. It's too early. I'm not entirely sold on Asa Butterfield as Peter Parker either. I get they wanted someone that looks young to play a teenager, but he almost looks too young. I still think the original Spider-Man's with Tobey Maguire had the best casting decisions.

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