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Footage Released of Black Panther on Set of "Captain America: Civil War"


Marvel has already announced that the Black Panther will make an appearance in Captain America: Civil War a while ago. Set photos were just recently released of a town that they are shooting at which looks very shanty. The set appears to look as if the filming is taking place in somewhere in Africa; could they be setting up the first appearance of the Black Panther?

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Practicing some ass kicking. #CaptainAmericaCivilWar

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WizzroSupreme1609d ago

I'm liking this Black Panther more and more. Can't wait 'til he gets his own spin-off film!

Crazay1609d ago

I know little to nothing of him bu am looking forward to seeing a new flick for sure

SirBillyBones1609d ago

Get this shit off here, it's a load of bollocks. It's mostly likely Falcon/a Falcon stunt double. Click bait at its worst.