DC Is Winning The Costume War

There’s a real difficulty involved in taking a costume that looks good on paper and bringing it to the big (or small) screen. Colours and proportions that look amazing in a comic book don’t always translate well to real life. Certain costumes are easy, like Iron Man, because robotics and mechanized beings have been a part of cinema since the beginning of the industry. We’re used to seeing them on screen, and in an increasingly technology focused society, if it’s got lights, lasers, and lots of fancy moving parts we’ll eat it up because it looks, to a point, realistic. Others, like Hawkeye and Wolverine for example, are much harder to translate because it’s difficult to take a grown man dressed in bright purple with a flared mask and a giant “H” on his belt seriously.

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-Foxtrot1917d ago

After seeing the Suicide really isn't

Least other properties actually stick to keeping their costume sin line wit the comics.

For example

It's like it was directly lifted from the comics

Defectiv3_Detectiv31916d ago

How is that so much different from Deadshot's costume? Personally I think they both look tacky in the photos that have been released, but I realize they will look entirely different (and hopefully better) on film.

CGMagazine1917d ago

I agree, the costumes in Suicide Squad are truly horrible! Although that seems to be an anomaly in the DC Cinematic universe!

KellyKandy1915d ago

Agreed, they seem to be toned down compared to 10-15 years ago.

Stringerbell1916d ago

Means nothing if the films are vapid tough.

Porcelain_Chicken1916d ago

Are you implying that The Dark Knight trilogy was vapid?

Stringerbell1916d ago

Loved those, but the DC universe Snyder is creating - I wont hold my breath. Didn't like Watchmen, didn't like Man of Steel basically his track record with Superhero films is meh.

Porcelain_Chicken1915d ago

Ah alright. Dude how could you not like Watchmen!!! I personally thought it was incredible! Had an amazing story! Even fixed the silly ending from the graphic novel! It along with The Dark Knight are the only 10/10 comic book movies in my book.

Stringerbell1915d ago

The only Snyder film I really liked was Dawn of the Dead. But my favourite comic book films would have to be Dark Knight, The First Avenger and Road to Perdition.