Rumor - Captain America: Civil War Script Leaks Over 4Chan


Recently, there's been a plethora of rumours, announcements, leaks and scoops regarding Marvel's hotly anticipated Captain America: Civil War. Now however, we may know a whole lot more about the movie, as an anonymous 4Chan user who claims to have read the script has taken to message boards to reveal the story. So, grab a hefty pinch of salt and come check it out! HEAVY SPOILERS AHEAD!

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-Foxtrot1630d ago (Edited 1630d ago )

If this true I'm kind of disappointed. The main thing I hated about the comic is despite both of them having their own opinions and trying to do the best for the world it always came off one sided and that Stark was "evil".

This seems like it's doing the same.

In my opinion they should of just focused on Captain American 3 being something else and they should of done Civil War as a two parter. One showing Captain Americas side and the other Starks.

Again Spiderman being "just a boy" is another disappointment, sounds like he's going to be really young. How can you do this film with Spiderman when there has been no build up in terms of reputation with Spiderman and the general public.

Tsuru1629d ago

Just cause he says "He's just a boy" doesnt mean he is really young. In the movies and comics hes always been a teenager when spiderman. I think he is saying "he's just a boy" he's meaning that hes still a teenager and way younger then most of the other super heroes he has teamed up with.

just-joe1629d ago

Even in Spider-Man 2 one guy says "He's just a kid" when they see Peter unmasked.

deadpoolio3161629d ago

Not like they haven't been saying for months that Spider-Man was going to be around 15-17 years old....

Baka-akaB1629d ago (Edited 1629d ago )

Around Civil War in the comics he's in no way or shape a teenager , but probably well into 25-30 years after even having careers as a photograph , then school teacher .

Anyway even if it is a fake script (it doesnt some of the stuff announced officially today ) , i dont see the major issues with SPiderman "just being a boy" , we've known that all along for a while ... and in the context of the movie it will make more sense than the way it was handled in the comics version .

I truly liked CW , but it felt stupid to have suddenly such an already adult and established Parker suddenly growing that much into a man crush with Stark , letting him becomes his mentor and guru ... especially when he already went through that ordeal 10x time worse with Osborn .

And it would be quite weird to have the same thing with an adult Parker in the movie

A young and still impressionable Parker being torn apart by the two sides makes more sense .

As for the lack of reputation build up , i quite dont see your issue . Not everything has to unfold on screen . When CW start , Spiderman would be in activity for months if not a year at least after AOU , and having public outings and opinions , and well they could even have a few scenes demonstrating that

Gohadouken1629d ago (Edited 1629d ago )

I dont think Stark was necessarily portrayed as "evil" in CW , or that his side of things were misrepresented in ideology . That kind of things comes earlier in stories like the Crossing , or later in post CW avengers/iluminati stories .

I think that it's just so much easier in book ultimately about superheroics , to relate or agree with cap .

We can see the Registration Act as an allegory for the debate of giving up civil liberties for the sake of safety and security. A pivotal question asked by the books are: "how much freedom are we willing to give up in order to feel safe?" The Iron Man camp suggests that nothing is more important than the safety of the state, even if that means limiting the rights of of citizens and on discriminating and removing rights of certain minorities. The Captain America Camp suggests that we cannot deprive ourselves of our natural born freedoms simply for the sake of national security.

There is little way that any hero leading the pro-reg side would come out the most popular , and not look like a governement stooge , when juxtaposed to the beacon of freedom and strong moral fiber ...

Tony still had a massive chance to shine , and show the pros of his décisions .Tony's argument is a logical one: the only, ONLY organization actually training people how to use their abilities in an ethical way were the X-Men of all groups . The Avengers, the FF, SHIELD, etc. No one had a training program designed to do that. Tony's plan to do that and to develop a peacekeeping organization designed to provide greater protection to civilians outside of the New York area made a lot of sense, since we know that bad guy organizations clearly exist and are active all over the place .

And it clearly worked , the Initiative was a pretty good idea and efficient . Even if of course the next status quo changes turned it around in Dark Reign .

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Defectiv3_Detectiv31629d ago

Obviously fake. A drug bust in a marvel movie? No Ant Man? You really think they would do something as dark as killing off Hawkeye's family?

scottieleverne1629d ago

Especially when Ant-Man has already been confirmed with the cast release earlier today.

Defectiv3_Detectiv31629d ago

Gen. Thunderbolt was announced as well, yet he is completely absent from this synopsis.

AidenPearce1629d ago

@Defectiv3_Detectiv3 I'm really surprised to see them finally do something that references The Incredible Hulk, they tend to treat it like MCU's red-headed stepchild.

Aldous_Snow1629d ago

Sounds awesome!! But who is zemo? Just a von strucker replacement, or his boss or something?

WizzroSupreme1629d ago

We won't know until we see the movie, so honestly, not worth reading.