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Geared Up Suicide Squad Cast Revealed by Director, David Ayer

Junkie Monkeys: Suicide Squad movie director David Ayer has just recently shown off most of the DC film’s cast, all geared up and ready for action.

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Porcelain_Chicken2764d ago

Hmm, not bad I guess. Much more subtle than I thought but I like it. Man Margot Robbie is so hot. Cara looks freaky. And damn I didn't think we'd see Killer Croc just yet!

ironfist922764d ago

The cast looks brilliant. Cant wait for this film. And I can forgive Will Smith for this reason alone:

Porcelain_Chicken2764d ago

Saw that, it does look pretty badass. I'm super pumped for this movie! :D I do hate race swaps but I'm really biased when it comes to Will Smith. Man that restroom scene in The Pursuit of Happiness gets me every time! Brilliant movie by an actor who I hope can turn his career around.

Soldierone2764d ago

Whoever is in costume design for this should be fired.... why does everyone have a dark emo look to them? I thought Joker looked bad, but this is the most basic Harley Quinn has ever been....

WillGuitarGuy2764d ago

Harley Quinn's said to have a lot of outfits in this movie as the article states. I believe she's said to have the Jester look as well.

-Foxtrot2763d ago

I know right.

They've grounded everyone too much.

The villains always appealed to me because they all stood out from one another with their own unique designs and styles


If that's true fine but there's no reason why they couldn't give her a better look for this image. You know first impressions and all. She looks like an 80s hooker.

Soldierone2763d ago

I was thinking the same thing. If she has "better" looks, then why not use that? Yet her on set is mostly this "costume" too. If I'm in marketing I get together the best ones in the movie and show off that.

I got a lot of disagrees for it, but I dunno why. If anything people should know I'm seriously pumped for DC to start rolling and I was excited for this, but these costumes are seriously so bland.

Honestly, people need to look up the comics and see how dynamic the squad actually is. Even Harley Quinn's costumes are awesome.

ZaWarudo2764d ago

Everybody looks like hobos.

Katana was a surprise though, didn't hear anything about her being in the movie.

Gilgamesh152764d ago

Isn't Killer Croc like 8' tall?

Porcelain_Chicken2764d ago

More recently, yes. Killer Croc's size varies but originally he was at about this height. I do wish he was a tiny bit bigger though.

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The story is too old to be commented.