Men In Black Vs Jump Street Crossover Could Be The Best Or Worst Thing Ever

WOW247: "So. It’s official. Hit comedy movie series Jump Street is getting its very own crossover movie with tongue-in-cheek sci-fi franchise Men In Black.

"One thing’s for certain: if this thing actually happens and comes to fruition, when it lands in cinemas it’ll either be the best comedy of the year – or the worst."

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gangsta_red1264d ago

I find this strangely interesting.

Soldierone1264d ago

Considering it's Sony Picture franchises, you have to lean towards worst. They are desperate for ideas, this is just one of the many.

Honestly almost any other studio does this and I get excited, but not current Sony Pictures.

ReelKid1264d ago

Phil Lord and Christopher Miller don't make bad films, so I have high hopes.

-Foxtrot1264d ago

Sony have lost it...apparently even if they do it Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones might not be in it. The whole thing would be better suited with Bad Boys, Lethal Weapon or hell Rush Hour.

But even then this "Universe" thing they and other studios have going has got to stop. We all got p**** when studios mentioned trilogies and now we have Universes.

Why do we need this when both films are totally different, why put aliens and shit into Jump Street and why do they feel the need to make female driven versions of the films.

Porcelain_Chicken1264d ago

I would pay $100 for a Bad Boys/Rush Hour/Lethal Weapon ticket in an instant. That is f--King genius! XD

I love Jump Street and Men in Black but this is such an odd idea. Worst thing is there is no going back to regular Jump Street once aliens are introduced.

-Foxtrot1264d ago

It will push Jump Street into a silly tone the film doesn't need. It's very balanced what they have now

Unless it's shrugged off by some dream Jenko is having...or even a massive trip from another drug case.

Soldierone1264d ago

Thinking about it, wouldn't this seriously just be men in black anyways?

You lose your two main character for starters, but take the guys in jump street and throw them in MIB, the only difference is the aliens. It's a stupid concept to try and bridge their films, I agree.

I also agree with the female driven thing, it's getting stupid now. How about they just cast who is right for the role instead of doing it just to please a certain demographic? Black, green, asian, white, female, male.... I don't care, just stop doing it just to do it.

iamnsuperman1264d ago

This idea is too idiotic to fail. I am really intrigued to see how this works

StarWarsFan1264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )

I like both franchises, but I think they should be separate. And Men In Black really came back strong with the third one after disappointing audiences with the second, so I wish they would build off that momentum. And whether you like this news or not, everyone can admit Sony is really struggling to find balance in its productions. It has somehow managed to have problems with Spider-Man, Ghostbusters took an awkward female-driven turn and now this...