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Superman vs. Batman? DC's Real Battle Is How to Create Its Superhero Universe


When Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara took the stage at the annual CinemaCon gathering of theater owners April 21, he reiterated what has become the studio's mantra for the next five to seven years: Warners will build its slate around The Lego Movie sequels and offshoots, J.K. Rowling's Fantastic Beasts trilogy and no fewer than 10 movies based on DC Comics characters through 2020.

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MilkMan2178d ago

I'm pretty tired of reading about the genius of Marvel and the hardships of DC. Truth is Marvel was lucky. Thats it. They had nothing. They had sold off their most high profile heroes and someone took a look at what was left and took a gamble and said, "hey we have just enough for ourselves to make the Avengers"
Everything about what we call phase 1 was a gamble and it worked. So lets not stack this lucky lottery draw as the measuring stick that all other super hero flicks need to follow. Cause it aint so.

Batman was entertaining us years before Iron Man was even a wet dream.

Zack Snyder, Nolan and company know how to shoot movies and spin a yarn.
Lets leave it at that and wait to see the final product. Meanwhile I'm gonna go see Age of Ultron.

KingPin2178d ago (Edited 2178d ago )

i agree wit you 100%.

my problem is the way the media report it. Marvel did it one way, if DC does it the same, they just copying marvel and are too unoriginal to do it their own way. and when DC does go its own way, they quick to jump up and say its wrong and DC is failing/losing.

i dont understand why people need origin stories. these characters are not new. theyve been around for ages. before my time too. even without a movie i knew who spiderman/superman/etc were.

did i have to sit through 2 iron man movies before avengers? no. 2 hulk movies? both origin stories? no. DC probably know this too. they made us sit through 3 batman movies and a superman movie, why waste more time doing individual stories when you can just do justice league.

my problem with marvel universe now, is that since the avengers, we now know all super heroes know each other exist. so in captain america: winter soldier, why didnt any other super hero come to help? what? suddenly they all too busy to help friends? lol

MilkMan2178d ago

Beautifully well said. BUBBLE UP!