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Daredevil on Netflix: Why DC Should Worry (Part 2)

WASDuk's Chris Patton continues to outline why DC should worry after we watch Daredevil on Netflix:

"For DC, we evidently have to presume that Batman doesn’t like Superman for some reason, but without back-up there’s no way Batman can take on Superman. Maybe that will be the big reveal. Maybe Batman will bring the gods among us, open a boom-tube, and Wonder Woman and Aquaman will jump out to help take down Clark. Either way, there better be some kind of plan, because the 90′s are lingering again and DC wants everything Marvel to be DC.

Last, the Daredevil series forged The Man Without Fear into a Batman-type that everyone likes. He does research, he’s versed in the law, and those that do wrong in Hell’s Kitchen (DC wants it to be Gotham) feel the wrath of his fists. This means that DC was forced to retro-fit Batman into a much darker, no-holds-barred Frank Miller take that was amusing in 1997, but that may now just seem both off-kilter and vastly outdated.

This may all end badly."

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Arkworthy2178d ago

Even as a DC fan, I have to say that they've lost the big-screen battle already, and the small-screen one looks lost too. Damn.

Defectiv3_Detectiv32177d ago

This is ridiculous. DC is doing just fine. They've just started to kick off their universe; I remember the MCU's first few films - they were very hit and miss. If we didn't have patience to sit through all of the Thor's and Captain America First Avengers we never would have gotten to the good stuff.

BvS, Suicide Squad and a Justice League Dark movie directed by GDT sounds like a pretty awesome slate of movies. We'll see were they go with Aquaman, Wonder Womam, Shazaam, Cyborg and Green Lantern/Flash.

Arkworthy2177d ago

I will agree with you that Marvel's first flush into big-budget movies has been hit and miss, and wasn't exactly treated with responsible marketing. The Hulk took a false start with the first movie (which Marvel seems to want to strike from the record) and required more money to be thrown at it to make it viable. Captain America remains probably my least favourite film of all time, and i've seen some shockers.

But the point is that they've seemed to right themselves, in my opinion anyway, and carved out a set of movie licenses that don't have to sacrifice much of the core material to be popular. Fans are happy, and mainstream movie-goers are happy, and they can sit back and print money for at least a decade because they have a formula.

DC haven't done this. They seemed to start off by sacrificing their core material and alienating fans as quickly as they possibly could. Making Batman and Superman (who they're too scared to even NAME Superman because it would be corny or something) killers and making their settings and canon worlds so gritty and edgy that Metropolis and Gotham might as well just BE New York. Arrow is nothing like the core material, The Flash even more so, and the least said about Gotham the better.

My point is that these shows aren't BAD, but when a fan of DC likes them, it's always liking them DESPITE the changes. I personally find myself making excuses like: "I like Constantine, DESPITE it being too American", while with Marvel I can happily say "I like Guardians of the Galaxy, BECAUSE I think they nailed Rocket Raccoon". Just my opinion, but I think what we'll end up with is more faithful renditions of Marvel licenses, while DC tries to pull away from the comic book image and become mainstream, a bit of a gamble.

Hit my reply limit anyway, so that'll be the end of my two cents on the matter. Nice talking to you.

Porcelain_Chicken2177d ago

Worry? Hell no! DC fanboys should worry. Marvel fanboys should scream with joy!

DC itself should be happy that now more than ever anything comic book related is doing so well and should just focus on releasing more shows! Better quality shows may i add (Sorry Constantine). As a fan and not a fanboy I know I reap the rewards every time either company releases something good. Don't listen to these stupid articles DC comics, don't sit in a corner and suck on your thumb as you cower before fanboys. Rise up, get your heads outta your arses and give us something amazing.

Arkworthy2177d ago

I think articles like this are a good sign, more than anything. Say what you like about fans (most fandoms being absolutely horrible) but they serve to push these companies along, and criticise them when they need it most. Huge companies like DC and Marvel would no doubt pump out a steady stream of rubbish if they were given the chance, and it's only really fan cricitism keeping them from doing that.

DC can hardly be lauded for giving the fans anything good, and in fact seems to have been openly turning their best characters on their heads for no reason other than to pander to mainstream plebs who wouldn't keep watching anyway. Maybe in a few years they will realise that they discarded ready-made fanbases. Whether they will admit wrongdoing and do anything about it is uncertain.

Not to say that they need to cater to fans all the time. As I said, fandoms are horrible, and you're never going to please everyone. But taking the morality away from Green Arrow, the charm away from the Flash, and the ...London..away from Constantine just seems like a slap in the face.

Porcelain_Chicken2177d ago

Hmm, yeah I can see that. Well said! Just kinda tired of seeing both fandoms claw at each other's eyes every chance they get. Nowadays with all the doom and gloom going on, it's hard to tell who is critizising and who is just trying to keep the opposing team down.

CursedHero2177d ago

I'm not trying to keep Marvel down, and I'm actually a huge DC fan. When I wrote the piece it was out of the confusion I'm seeing from DC choices. The ATOM to me is essentially what Jar Jar Binks is to Star Wars fans. in conclusion, DOOM PATROL!!!

-Foxtrot2177d ago

It's not even the Atom's who's playing him

WizzroSupreme2177d ago

No one's lost anything until the fat man sings. We just have to wait until Daredevil: Season 2 for Fisk to do karaoke. Than it'll be over.

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