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Apparently Marvel Has Narrowed The New Spider-Man Search To 5 Actors


Unfortunately we don't know which actors, but word is the studio has settled on a short-list of 5 names to vie for the chance of playing the Webhead in Captain America: Civil War. With that movie set to shoot very soon, surely an official announcement in near?

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Aldous_Snow1635d ago

Jorge Garcia has been confirmed as the new Spiderman...

Crazay1635d ago

Just once...maybe... you could contribute something other than trolling comments?

Aldous_Snow1634d ago Show
Lord_Sloth1634d ago

Do you expect anything else from a guy sporting a John Candy avatar?

Crazay1634d ago ShowReplies(1)
freshslicepizza1635d ago

i'd like to see an unknown actor

listenkids1634d ago

Probably Logan Lerman, and I really don't have a problem with that.