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Daredevil on Netflix: Why DC Should Worry (Part 1)

WASDuk's Chris Patton covers how the latest incarnation of Wilson Fisk is DC's Lex Luthor:

"First and foremost, this latest version of Wilson Fisk is what DC has wanted and still wants Lex Luthor to be. The obvious similarities start with both being bald, but they expand when the viewer is witness to the latest version of Fisk describing his vision for Hell’s Kitchen and how he thinks of himself as the good guy. As a lifelong DC fan, my heart almost jumped out of my skin. This live-action take is exactly what the DC Animated Universe did to Luthor with the debut of Superman: The Animated Series. Prior to this series, Lex Luthor was always either a scientist or a bumbling idiot trying to steal money or Superman’s hair. Suddenly, Lex in the animated universe was a businessman, a smart one mind you, and he was the savior of Metropolis. All at once, Superman arrives and steals his thunder and begins to right Luthor’s wrongs because of justice."

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CursedHero2186d ago

Daredevil is outstanding by the way! Although I prefer his original outfit in the series with no eyes ;-)

-Foxtrot2186d ago

It manages to adapt it well without changing too much from the comics to make it watchable for a main stream audience...something Flash and Arrow do.

CursedHero2186d ago

Daredevil > Flash + Arrow < Constantine

Defectiv3_Detectiv32185d ago

I enjoyed Daredevil, and now I'm anxiously anticipating DC's television adaptation of Preacher. It's funny how people are able to like two different things at once.