Addressing Seriousness in the DCCU

A lot of people have claimed that the DCCU will be overly serious, and see that as a turn-off to the entire affair, especially after seeing the BvS trailer. Here is offered a breakdown of what's in store for the DCCU to lighten the mood a bit.

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-Foxtrot2185d ago

I think Guardians of the Galaxy shows how you can still have a Superhero film and keep it fun.

TysonJones2184d ago

I know a lot of people liked GoTG, but there were also a lot of people who thought the ending was pretty ridiculous. There's nothing wrong with a fun superhero movie, but sometimes you can get a little too silly.

KingPin2184d ago

oh yes, i'll pay to see that. cant wait to see batman throw down some dance moves to distract superman. we seen him do that in comics all the time right.....SMH

Leio2184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

The ending to that movie was one of the most ridiculous ending i've ever seen.

-Foxtrot2184d ago

Then you obviously haven't seen that many films

SilentNegotiator2183d ago

Peter Parker's dancing scene was less awkward.

Porcelain_Chicken2184d ago

Define fun. I had plenty of fun watching The Godfather and Shawshank redemption. Had plenty of fun watching The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad too! Hell I had just as much fun watching The Dark Knight as I did Guardians of the Galaxy. Maybe even more so. Marginally. What's your definition exactly?

Personally I like the route DC is going with. I'm seeing Superman in a way I never have and it has peaked my interest. With the sudden flood of Superhero flicks in Hollywood right now, superhero fatigue is inevitable. Keeping things diverse is the best thing DC could have possibly done. Diversity will easily extend the staying power of the genre in Hollywood easily! I commend them for not ripping off the Marvel's game plan as so many others are doing or have already done (Spider-man, Ghostbusters, X-men/Fantastic Four etc.). It worked for Marvel for a reason. Let's be honest, if Batman showed up at the end of Man of Steel with a witty one-liner and Darkseid smiled at the camera at the end of JL while the League is eating Shwarma after taking down Ares even the most hardcore of fans would yawn. Not because it's bad but because we've seen it already, by that time 8 years ago.

-Foxtrot2184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

Fun in this case? Light hearted, warm, doesn't take it's self too serious.

"I commend them for not ripping off the Marvel's game plan as so many others are doing or have already done"

Urm...they might not changed their tone compared to Marvel but the way the films are being done is still a rip off, good way or bad. In fact they are rushing to get up to where Marvel are. If they weren't they would of done Batman next and Batman vs Superman would of probably came out years later

No one is saying they need to rip off their tone but if you watch that Batman vs Superman trailer, Batman fits in very well but Superman just sticks out. Sometimes the serious tone works, other times it doesn't.

You can still have different tones within the same universe. Look at Agents of Shield or any other Marvel thing in recent years to Daredevil, you wouldn't even think they share the same universe if it wasn't for the references.

Porcelain_Chicken2184d ago (Edited 2184d ago )

"Fun in this case"

What genre specifically do we apply that too? Technically speaking 'Superhero' isn't a genre they are just action movies. What sets Superhero themed action movies apart from other movies where we feel the need to add such a ridiculous (no offence) rule. Because in all seriousness (pun intended) it is ridiculous. Military action movie? Can be as dark and serious as possible to show the viewer it's context. Superhero action movie? Must be light-hearted and self aware or it's not enjoyable. Make sense at all?

And no DC aren't ripping off Marvel. Tone, atmosphere, movie line-up all drastically different. Similarities literally end at Superhero shared universe. A thing which has existed long before the first superhero movie.

"rushing to get up to where Marvel are"

Where Marvel are? Marvel are 11 movies and 2 TV shows in with more to come. And to catch up DC is releasing ONE movie and keeping their TV universe separate? <_> Where that begins to make sense... Also BvS:DoJ has been in the making for 3 years! If that is rushing...

"If they weren't they would of done Batman next"

You fail to realise that these aren't... uh... look at it this way. Marvel's phase one is like a painting. With Iron man we saw 1 piece of a bigger painting eventually seeing the entire painting in all of it's glory in The Avengers. The Avengers being only a fragment of the painting. What good would it do to force say, a Black Widow solo into phase one? What would it add? What would a forced Batman solo add to this specific movie's storyline (BvS:DOJ) and the rest of DCCU besides pointless easter eggs and fan service? Batman is needed in this part of the painting in order to tell the story in this particular way. Period.

"Superman just sticks out."

Consistency can be good or bad.

"you wouldn't even think they share the same universe if it wasn't for the references"

I can easily tell they are all related. As can most people i'm sure. The tones are copy and pasted with different themes and settings. Atmosphere goes mostly untouched. Daredevil is the only one. Which means if he ever bumps into the Guardians one of the tones is gonna be flung under the bus.

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SilentNegotiator2184d ago

I like how GotG now means that every dark superhero movie gets criticized for being itself.

acemonkey2184d ago

star lord is a goof but team leader. why is everyone bitching about that now? when people saw it they was laughing some thought it was a corny way to beat him (yes it was) but nobody was bashing it this hard.

TysonJones2184d ago

I'm not trying to bash on Starlord.

What I'm saying is, when I think of the fate of the Earth in the hands of one man, I don't imagine that being decided in a dance-off.

It was funny and all, but in