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Daredevil: Episode 5 - "World on Fire" Review - IGN

IGN: Five episodes in now and Daredevil is still freakin' great. Though I'm afraid I may have run up against something -- the first thing -- I wasn't too impressed with. I know. It's hard. I'll be brief though.
Fisk framed "the vigilante" for decapitating Anatoly, right? I felt like that could have led much cooler things than it did. By the end, the entire ruse was only meant to momentarily distract Vladimir so that Fisk put his plan in motion (off-screen) - and then have Turk break the truth to Vlad so that Fisk could blow up him and his men, after he had them all clump into specific spots. Seemed a bit convoluted and the frame-up job didn't really cause much trouble for "the devil."

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