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Daredevil: Episode 4 - "In the Blood" Review - IGN

IGN: "In the Blood" was a revealing, heart-pounding episode that marked, after four installments, the show's best outing so far. Though, honestly, "Cut Man" still gives it a good run for the money.
D'Onofrio's take on Wilson Fisk is mesmerizing. As an awkward, shy brute, Fisk was incredible to watch during his dinner date with Vanessa. It would have been easy for the writers, and D'Onofrio, to fall back on villain cliches, but everything felt fresh and relatable. You kept waiting and waiting to see a glimpse of the "madman" people were so afraid of, but all you got, for most of the episode, was a big bulky boy. A vulnerable soul. There was even a moment when he bordered on tears.

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