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Daredevil: Episode 3 - "Rabbit in a Snow Storm" Review - IGN

IGN: Heads up, true believers. As I am tasked with providing separate reviews for all 13 new Daredevil episodes (at a semi-reasonable rate) I will attempt to be more concise. Meaning shorter reviews than usual. If I can help it.
The one thing that stood out to me the most about "Rabbit in a Snow Storm," aside from our first official introduction to D'Onofrio's Wilson "We Don't Say His Name" Fisk (and Aylet Zurer's Vanessa!), was that it featured Matt and Foggy in court. Along with Matt doing the classic comic book thing of using his masked vigilante persona to exact "justice" when the regular legal system failed. Daredevil's classic M.O. "He may well face a judgment of his own making," Matt told the jury in his closing argument.

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