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24 Reasons X-Men: Days Of Future Past And Terminator Are The Same Movie

CB: Using the same tenuous logic that recently made Man of Steel "the same movie" as The Passion of the Christ, it now appears as though X-Men: Days of Future Past and Terminator 2: Judgment Day share a plot as well.

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Aldous_Snow2220d ago (Edited 2220d ago )

I used to really like xmen until they turned the whole franchise into Wolverine & Friends.

With the exception of First Class (which was great), everything seems to revolve around Wolverine, and its getting boring.

Im not keen on time travelling as things get convoluted and confusing where it gets to the point you have to read up on everything that happens to try to understand it all. And it leaves major plot holes but xmen has been full of them from the start.

DoFP was made to try wipe the slate clean. But the end of the film already gave away who doesnt die in Apocalypse in the new past and future, as you see the main gang at the end of DoFP which is obviously set after Apocalypse. That sentence sounds confusing in itself but you get the gist of it... I hope.

Either way, Im hoping Apocalypse will be good as long as Wolverine dont crash the party again. Apocalypse is a badass so should be interesting how the younger versions deal with him.

And as for Terminator, this new one is going to be a clusterfuck with the time travelling/alternate realities. They should have just let it die after Salvation.