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Outlander “By the Pricking of My Thumbs” Review (Season 1, Episode 10) | TV Equals

TV Equals: "Hey, remember how I was excited to see Geillis Duncan in the preview for this episode last week? Well, Poison Ivy made quite a memorable return in “By the Pricking of My Thumbs.” I’m calling her Poison Ivy because she is literally an 18th Century Pamela Isley in her perverted beliefs and practices. Take her summoning ceremony for instance. I loved that Claire’s memory of seeing the ceremony at Craigh na Dun was juxtaposed with her watching Geillis. The Druid ritual in the 1940s had a beautiful majesty to it. Geillis’ summoning felt dangerous, messy- and then she revealed the ceremony was performed so she and Dougal could be together. Poison Ivy uses her belief in protecting the biological world to commit crimes. She lies in saying her intentions are good to justify the means. Geillis is the same. If she has to kill her husband and Dougal’s wife in the process, then so be it. Like, I said, SNAKE IN THE GRASS."

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