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Chappie Review - Gambitcon

The presentation of the morals in this movie are incredible, a big lesson on the beautiful things knowledge and learning can be. It is an artistic portrayal of a lot of human qualities, both good and bad, as well as the balance that is required in life. A good life lesson definitely, as well as a good reminder about using your life to further your knowledge and better mankind. I also like the action scenes as well, filled with some excitement that make you feel like a Halo game. The limited number of fights have plenty of booms for the whole family and again pay tribute to high definition excitement. Again in a Blomkamp film, the director likes to show off his homeland, the slums and trash filled streets of shanties getting plenty of attention. You feel like you are in the middle of poverty, the gritty nature of the makeshift shacks layering itself on you. In the rich part of town the robotics lab is impressive as well, while the offices are plain, the lab has high definition design in the scout assembly process. It is definitely the scientific part of the movie and a good setting stage for the action at hand. Yet the best part of the scenes is Chappie himself, the robot savior brilliantly detailed in all his servos. His motions are fluid, his actions mimicking a human as he takes on the information in the area and incorporating it to himself. For a robot that doesn’t exist, Chappie is another marvelous example of the power of CGI.

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moviebuff422218d ago

7/10 seems too harsh. From the review it seems that the author enjoyed the film much more. You really have to admire about Blomkamp that he dares to ask these questions about humanity in today's cinema.

Aldous_Snow2217d ago

Ultron would kick his ass!!