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Marvel’s Spider-Man Reboot is Not an Origin Story

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“There is a young kid running around New York City in a homemade version of the Spider-Man costume in the MCU, you just don’t know it yet,” says Kevin Feige.

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-Foxtrot2218d ago

So why are we getting a young high school Peter Parker :-/

dota2champion2217d ago

to relive his high school life again

-Foxtrot2217d ago

That's the problem...."again"

Porcelain_Chicken2217d ago

Well Peter is usually pretty young. Or mid-twenties at his oldest. Peter's story has always heavily revolved around a boy's coming of age and how he deals with the heavy responsibility placed upon his shoulders as his parent figures guide him along the path of righteousness. Kinda like Superman... @_@ They both never knew their parents and both their father figures last words resonated with them for the rest of their lives and helped them become red and blue spandex wearing media related job working loonies!!

Uh... Sorry lost my train of thought. Anyhoo, Peter's story usually revolves around him being young and dealing with growing up. Would be like Batman not dealing with the grief of losing his parents, the character would change dramatically or seize exist. I'm not too crazy about going that route again. Especially if it meant pushing back Black Panther and Captain Marvel aaaaaaaand causing a bunch of last minute changes to Civil War. But hey what are you gonna do.

LoneWolf0192216d ago

Spiderman comics ALSO spend a good chunk of his life being out of Highschool and those are the best chunks.

The real reason I think they decided to go with a so young(16) actor, assuming that the rumors were true that Marvel favored that kid. Is so they can use him for a looooong time. Which then I won't have a problem with if he can act.

deadpoolio3162216d ago

Its also NOT Marvel's Spider-Man...Sony still owns the rights, and still has complete full creative control...The only input Marvel gets is over who is cast, after that they have no say what happens unless they're using him in one of their films

Hroach6162216d ago (Edited 2216d ago )

Actually they have nothing but the rights to use him. They don't even have the right to cast. That's why it's rumored marvel is working with Sony on casting. The only real thing marvel is doing is sending over Kevin Feige to help with world building/connecting and making it seem likes it's a marvel movie. Esthetics, tone, humor etc etc.
When marvel uses him in one of they're movies, they can use him as they please. Sony doesn't actually have too much say what happens as long as it's a Marvel movie. And vise versa with Sony movies. Feige is only going over because Sony knows they need a hand and they know they need Spider-Man movies produced by them to seem like a straight marvel movie.

I could be wrong but I've read enough of these damn stories now.

ironfist922217d ago

But then how will audiences know how Spiderman got his powers?!


SilentNegotiator2216d ago Marvel being so good to us?

MilkMan2216d ago

No, why they keep rebooting this IP?
Let it rest for a minute.

Gilgamesh152216d ago

So it picks up while Parker is in High School but after he has gained his powers and his uncle is killed. Not an origin story.

Defectiv3_Detectiv32216d ago

Lame. I'm sure it's just an excuse to inject the movie with a bunch of teenage melodrama. Can we get a college years version of Spiderman and be done with it? At least it would be slightly more mature and we would get to see J. Jonah Jameson, a cornerstone of any good Spiderman story.

2216d ago
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