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PowerLeveled Review: Daredevil

Released to Netflix on April 10th 2015, in cooperation with Marvel Studios, DareDevil is a shining light in a world of television darkness – Marvel’s finest hour, and it’s most gritty and raw experience ever put to the screen.

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Stevefantisy2217d ago

Damn this really sonds good.

JoeIsMad2217d ago

I watched 13 episodes in 14 hours. It's the finest thing on "TV".

Software_Lover2216d ago

They did the guy justice. It was a great first season. You got to see the very dark side of the villain which was crazy. They can't have all that killing on the big screen because they, of course, want to get the kids into the movies, but this series was great.

Netflix did a great job. It almost makes me wish they did an Origin story for other Marvel characters. I think they would do a great job.

Jacktrauma2217d ago

So far this is amazing! Completely outta left field for me as I had little hope for the show at first. Glad I was very wrong.