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Kevin Feige Confirms Peter Parker; Talks High School Spidey


When word first surfaced that maybe Marvel Studios was in the process of working out a deal with Sony Pictures to bring Spider-Man into the MCU fold, many (myself included) balked at this as a pipe dream. There was no way Sony was going to give up its only comic book character in the midst of the superhero boom, especially to the most successful studio making superhero movies at the moment. But the impossible happened: a deal in which Sony retains ownership of Spider-Man, but shares the character with Marvel Studios for use in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with Marvel’s Kevin Feige overseeing things creatively.

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Crazay2223d ago (Edited 2223d ago )

So glad it's Peter Parker in this movie. I'd kill to see some sort of crossover into Daredevil.

-Foxtrot2223d ago

Probably would of worked better as a TV series to get the origin stuff out the way before a future film.

Crazay2223d ago

Right? That would have been amazing to get the origin stuff done and then move him into the films. 1 or 2 Netflix seasons - establish who he is, what makes him tick and build him a gallery of enemies.

-Foxtrot2223d ago

Long as they get a good Peter Parker, not someone who dosen't look the part and is too baby faced.

They need someone who looks like an average joe, looks like he wouldn't be popular and has to look older then he actually is.

Soldierone2223d ago

How do you get disagrees? THAT is what peter Parker should be like. He was a nerd, but very smart which allowed him to be a smarta--....

Not some Justin Bieber looking baby.

-Foxtrot2223d ago

Because people want to lust over some pretty boy on TV ¬¬

kevinsheeks2223d ago

I decided to look at what peter parker first looked like in the earliest issue, He really looks like a average guy and older.

pompombrum2223d ago

One of the reasons why I loved the first two of Raimi's movies. Tobey Maguire really nailed the look I thought, he made a completely believe geek.

dota2champion2223d ago

We already knew it was going to be peter parker, but who is playing him

Aldous_Snow2223d ago (Edited 2223d ago )

Seth Rogan or Christopher Mintz Plasse

dota2champion2223d ago

I hope they already got someone and keeping his identity a secret, because filming for civil already started last week, and it's going to finish filming in august. I hope they'll fit spiderman in time, even if it's just for a small role

Aldous_Snow2223d ago

I'd rather they brought Hit-girl into the fold. She's kickass!!

Genki2223d ago

Eh, I don't like this idea. Peter didn't even have a good supporting cast in his high school days; the best drama and character interactions came when he was in his college years anyway.

Oh well, after 10 movies (most of which are at least good) I trust Feige's vision and judgment, so at the very least, I'll give it a chance.

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