Top 7 Most Brutal Movies in Hollywood History Violence and brutality has become the part of our society as well as movies. It is increasing in Hollywood with every passing day. Brutality in films has been a hot topic ever since the silent era, but it’s never going to go away, because some sections of the audience love a bit of vicarious blood and gore

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Whose article did you plagiarize today?

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These aren't even opinions! They just give a very short plot outline. How this website isn't banned is a mystery to me.

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the complaints have been made time and time again with proof about this site and still nothing's been done.

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And one would think *you* of all people might have more pull around here; you practically run this site!

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No man. I have no pull. LOL. If anything I hurt the cause. HAHAHA

Have you seen any movement on it?

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Article links accepted from such a low quality site is an utter shame for a community like FilmWatch!

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Filmwatch has a community??