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American Crime Episodes 5 & 6 Review: “Episode Five”/”Episode Six” | TVOM

TVOM: "American Crime‘s utter hopelessness is its most enigmatic, and equally frustrating, quality: there isn’t really a show on television as openly dour as American Crime, the story where every single character gets karmic justice through the injustices of life and the legal system. It really makes for a weird television experience: the harder American Crime tries to make its points about personal, moral complexities and the spiderweb effect of tragedy on the delicate realities we build for ourselves, the less engaging a piece of dramatic material it becomes. Yet when American Crime lets its visuals do the talking – like a scene in “Episode Five” where Aliyah, head obscured by the frame of a shot, reaches to touch her brother’s face – it becomes an evocative piece of work, though one that never quite escapes its endlessly dour nature."

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