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CSI: Cyber Season 1 Episode 5 Review: “Crowd Sourced” | TVOM

TVOM: "Is the modern society too addicted to the rise of new, advanced technology and social media? From my own observations while taking public transit over the years, watching countless videos on YouTube and posting and tweeting on Facebook and Twitter, I would have to agree, and so does this week’s episode of CSI: Cyber, where a cyber criminal set out to punish this social media-obsessed, technology-addicted society of ours by ensuring that our harmless actions, like seeing what’s trending on social media sites or other parts of the Web, would lead to the cause of terrible events much like the theater bomb in the beginning of the episode. I’m glad that the usher got out in time or else the body count would be much higher than six. It was also heartbreaking to see the woman, Mrs. Carter, having to live with the fact that her phone set off the bomb that killed her son when it exploded."

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