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The Americans Season 3 Episode 11 Review: “One Day in the Life of Anton Baklanov” | TVOM

TVOM: "When we think and talk about our favorite TV series, some of the most common reasons we give for being invested in a show are that the story is good and the characters are interesting. But what makes characters interesting? A simple design might be enough. Maybe the way someone looks and speaks gives them an attractive kind of edge–a tic, like the way someone might tilt his head down before he talks. More often, though, motivations are the driving forces behind truly great characters. When we see why characters do what they do, we can put ourselves in their positions. Would we do the same things? Why or why not? When Nina uncovers the letters Anton is writing to his son, Jacob, she lets him know what she’s found and says that she has no intentions of telling anyone else. Why? “I don’t know,” she tells Anton. If clear motivations are able to help us relate to characters in meaningful ways, unclear motivations–and having to fill in the blanks that the characters aren’t saying–help us understand them. Trying to answer the question for Nina gives the viewer the chance to get to know her better."

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