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Let’s Face It The Star Wars Digital HD Collection is a Ripoff

EB: It’s been years since I’ve watched any of the Star Wars movies, which is another reason why my inner Star Wars fanboy punched through the carbonite casing I had him locked up in when I saw the films were going to be released digitally for the first time, but after looking into this new collection I was shocked at the price points Disney set for them. When I look back on my naivety in regards to the prices of these digital films I want to slap myself for even considering that they’d be presented in a manner that screamed “MEGA MUST BUY DEAL,” but I’m still appalled at how expensively priced they are.

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HAMM3RofBUDDHA2224d ago

The good old lame report. People can't have opinions that vary from yours?

Starscream862224d ago

wow, that is a weird price point, especially with the bargain of star trek. still won't bite on these til they fix the end of ROTJ.

coolbeans2224d ago

Fix the end of ROTJ? You mean just the Hayden Christensen insert?

Starscream862220d ago

that and now remove Vader saying NOOOOOO.

keithwmathias2224d ago

Why the hell I would ever pay that much money for digital HD versions of six movies (only half of which I like, despite the fact that they're still not actually the versions that I want to own) is beyond me. $60? Maybe. Just maybe. At this point, I'm good with my special edition DVDs and that's enough.

ironfist922224d ago

Never underestimate the stupidity of fanboys

Soldierone2223d ago

Totally agree. Someone took my DVD's, I don't have enough money for the Blu-ray collection, and so I saw this and was thinking "Sweet! I'll get the digital ones over time and watch them with my GF" which hasn't seen most of them. I want her to watch them before the new release.

So I go to Amazon.... click away shaking my head. Go to Vudu.... what the hell? This is the actual price?!

At this point i'm just going to find the DVD's used somewhere and be happy with that....