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Arrow/Flash Spin-Off - Tentative Title Revealed

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SpoilerTV has learned that the spin-off for The Flash and Arrow, which is currently in development at The CW, has tentatively been titled "The Atom". This title is not final and maybe be changed before the show goes into production.

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alycakes2225d ago

I think they're over doing the spinoffs

Crazay2225d ago

I don't really think so - they're all part of the same universe. I think it's awesome and somehow they seem to have 2 MAJOR winners with Arrow and Flash.

ironfist922225d ago

I dont think its spinoffs, its just trying to keep track of DC tv properties, or comic shows in general

from DC you have:

Arrow, Flash, Gotham, Constantine, Atom, Supergirl, Titans

then from Marvel:

Agents of Shield, Agent Carter, Daredevil, plus one or two more planned

Thats alot of shows.

alycakes2225d ago

I think Arrow is great but the Flash is just okay. I do watch it but I wouldn't be too disappointed if I had to miss an episode or two. It's just that if they keep going with all these spinoffs I think people will tired of it like they got tired of so many cop shows on at the same time. I like all the superhero shows and stories but I would rather have them working together.

Crazay2225d ago (Edited 2225d ago )

WHAT?!?! I love the Flash. I'm behind in my episodes but it's one of the few shows I'm all over these days.

alycakes2225d ago

See, I'm like that about the Arrow...I love that show...can't wait to see the next one each week but the Flash doesn't excite me as much but I do like the storyline and I do watch just isn't as exciting for me...don't know why. That's just me

WizzroSupreme2225d ago

I really want an Atom series. I know, I'm that guy. But he's the first character I've really liked Brandon Routh as.