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Riley Stearns Talks Dissecting Cult Dynamics in Faults

SHM: Collaborating once more with his wife, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, who co-stars alongside Leland Orser, Faults tells the story of Ansel Roth (Orser), a desperate and defamed expert on sects, cults and mind control who receives a timely job opportunity. All that’s required of him is to save the seemingly innocent Claire (Winstead) from the manipulating hands of a mysterious new cult called Faults and return her to the loving arms of her parents. Unfortunately for him, Ansel’s latest job spawns all manner of unexpected twists and turns.

SCREAM’s Howard Gorman spoke with Stearns about moving from the music industry to the movies, his interest in cult dynamics since an early age and how Faults ended up resembling reality much more than he ever imagined…

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