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Marvel Developing Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Spinoff for ABC


Huge news for Agents of SHIELD fans. Not only is a third season of the action-adventure series pretty much guaranteed, but Marvel is quietly developing a spinoff for ABC.

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alycakes2218d ago

Interesting but I can't even imagine at this point who would even be ready for the spinoff.

Soldierone2218d ago

Doesn't really make sense. According to news reports the show isn't turning ratings that they expected, and this soon to spin-off?

If anything it's to save the show, or try and find an angle to make it work. If it does, then the main show may be gone.

-Foxtrot2218d ago

Are they kidding?

Third series AND a spin off....I don't even....

Yet they are dithering around whether or not to renew Agent Carter despite it receiving better reviews and fan feedback then Agents of Shield.

I don't understand the love for Shield, the only times it's "alright" is when it's using something big from the comics like the Inhumans or when it's latching on from a recent film, like Winter Soldier.