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'Matt Murdock' Suits Up In Classic Red Suit In Newest Daredevil Motion Poster


Before the Netflix series premieres at midnight, Marvel's Daredevil has released yet another motion poster, but this time showing the evolution of Matt Murdock's costumes which ends with his classic threads!

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Porcelain_Chicken2795d ago

Wow, not bad. Better than the do-rag at least!

Crazay2795d ago

The first nice weekend of the year and I'll be sitting on my ass in front of the TV watching this and hockey.

Porcelain_Chicken2795d ago

Haha same here! XD I'm not even a Daredevil fan but these Daredevil trailers peaked my interest!

dota2champion2795d ago

He needs a clean shaved. Batman shaves before putting on his suit, he should do the same

Porcelain_Chicken2795d ago

No time to shave when there's Justice to serve! >:( personally I think it looks cool for Matt to be clean shaven while Daredevil has stubble. Really adds to that second persona. Just based in this alone I think the suit looks really good so far! :D

Anthotis2795d ago

That looks really cool.

Hroach6162795d ago

Just watched the first episode. No spoilers. Holy hell, I haven't seen much but I think Marvel and Netflix have hit a home run on this one. Starting the second apisode now!! Might be up all night with this.