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Survivor “Keep It Real” Review (Season 30 Episode 7) | TV Equals

TV Equals: "This is the third episode in a row where Rodney comes home angry from tribal council, and I honestly hope it continues to happen for the rest of the season. It’s just the best. Although “Keep It Real” didn’t have quite as angry of a Rodney as we’ve had the last couple weeks, he was still pretty bummed that his blue collar colleague Kelly was sent home. This guy has the classic trait of a typical meathead Survivor villain, in that he thinks he knows way more about the game than he actually does. He also struts around camp making demands about how the salami is served and he brags about being the “realest” person in the game. Whatever, dude. They’re really editing this guy into the season’s villain, so I’m excited to see his inevitable fall from grace and elimination."

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WizzroSupreme2223d ago

This is probably the best season I've watched since Boston Rob won. Dan, Mike, and Rodney are some of the most outrageously stupid people I've seen on television that you'd think they were TV characters – but alas. Such a fun season to watch crap fly out the wazoo.