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Agents of Shield Afterlife Review [KKEnt]

You know at one point it was Shield vs. Hydra, but now it is Shield vs. Shield and we have one question...Who is the real Shield? Things have been hitting up for a while every since Skye became a power and now that Shield has been infiltrated from the inside things seem to be getting worse with trust issues on the team. Now a new director is questioning the command of Coulson, while trying to turn over his own team. Also Sky is now in the hands of a secret group of other "Inhumans", but Coulson is on the case trying to find his missing agent. Things are getting very exciting.

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WizzroSupreme2225d ago

This show is just getting better and better. Maybe they could have a Guardians of the Galaxy cross-over and bring Chris Pratt back to TV!

SavageKuma2225d ago

Oh now that is a great idea actually.