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Ryan Reynolds Reveals Another Hilarious Image Of Deadpool


We've seen a lot of set photos of Ryan Reynolds suited up as the Merc with the Mouth, so how can 20th Century Fox possibly top all those and that first awesome official image? By releasing one of Deadpool sitting on the toilet reading a comic book of course! Check it out...

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SavageKuma2219d ago

Woo, this is going to be great.

WizzroSupreme2218d ago

If this Deadpool movie is basically Ryan Reynolds' apology, than I accept.

big_dom_part_22218d ago

"Oh, look - he's sitting on the toilet. Get it? It's hilarious, right? Right?"

Yeah, I can see this film being something akin to what's coming out his arse there. Ryan Reynolds is about as funny as finding a pube in your pint.

AidenPearce2218d ago

It'd be funny if you actually got the point of the pic. He's reading the latest comic issue of Deadpool, where Marvel kills off the character.

13lackDeath2218d ago

The point of this picture isn't merely Wade Wilson taking a dump. He's reading the recent issue of his own comic that Marvel has released, where Deadpool is killed off.

Which makes this photo funny and ironic.

Ryan Reynolds will play a great Deadpool/Wade Wilson. I'm pretty sure of it.