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Twin Peaks Cast Releases Video Calling For David Lynch's Return


Starting their comments "Twin Peaks without David Lynch is...," the cast of the influential TV series have put together a short video urging Showtime to come to terms with the filmmaker and get him on board to direct the nine-episode revival series as had been planned until a budgetary dispute reportedly blew up the relationship this weekend.

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Crazay2221d ago

Hmmm....I wonder if this will cause Showtime to open their pocketbooks or if the plan just dies. Personally I hope it still happens.

alycakes2221d ago

I thought I read somewhere today that they decided to meet his fee demands so that he would come back and that it was settled.

Crazay2221d ago

I hadn't heard that anywhere but I'm pretty hopeful that's true

-Foxtrot2221d ago

Hopefully he'll come back

Maybe this is just some good marketing campaign for the show, who knows.

LOL at Wendy Robie with her eye patch

WizzroSupreme2220d ago

He's probably holding out for more money. And he'll get it if the studio has any confidence in the project, which it should.