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TVF NCIS Season 12 Episode 20 Review: No Good Deed

Parents and their children formed much of the B-story to this interesting NCIS episode: the mother and her addict daughter; Tony and his intrusive dad; and even Gibbs with his regrets about his own father.

The "trouble in paradise" Tony and Zoe story was probably a little overdue as well, given the untroubled nature of their relationship to date. Though it came at a time when Tony was already stretched thin emotionally from his father's antics.

While the case of the week involved yet another dead Marine suddenly found by inconsequential characters (though I would have enjoyed hearing more about the Congressman who was doing community service), it at least didn't offer the unpardonable sin of being boring.

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alycakes2219d ago

I love watching it when Robert Wagner is on and Tony does look a lot like him when Wagner was young...he's almost the spittin image of him. I don't watch it every week now that the Flash is on but I still record and watch later.