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Daredevil: 7 Ways Marvel's Latest is a Superhero Show for Grown-ups


Do you think of Arrow as “the one with the abs”? Don’t know your Captain Cold from Professor Zoom on The Flash? Did you give up on Agents of SHIELD once you realized you didn’t care who the Clairvoyant was? If yes, it might be time to graduate to a superhero drama that’s a bit more mature. Don’t worry, you don’t have to watch Blue Bloods (yet). We’re talking about Netflix’s first Marvel series Daredevil, which is unbinged April 10. It may be the only current superhero TV series that doesn’t seem like it was created to sell lunch boxes. It’s not just that Daredevil’s lead, Charlie Cox, is (gasp!) over 30, it’s that the complex narrative is crafted for more mature audiences. Here’s how the show does it:

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Crazay2219d ago

I'm more than a little excited for this show. Friday night is booked for me.

WizzroSupreme2218d ago

If it can carry the levity and drama that Ben Affleck's didn't, than it really will give us the Man Without Fear that we deserve.