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The Walking Dead Season 5: 12 Most Shocking Moments

WC: The curtain has come down on another season of AMC’s hit show The Walking Dead, giving fans until October to mull over what they’ve witnessed during Season 5.
In the show’s new world created by the zombie apocalypse, there are only two guarantees: death and blood. And Season 5 offered more than enough of both.

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Aldous_Snow2225d ago

Dont think anything shocked me this season. I was sad that Tyresse died. Terminus was a waste of time. I didnt even care for beth that much

Still love it though.

Out of the entire 5 seasons, the 2 things that shocked me or stood out/remember the most was merle and Hersall dying. Both slayed at the hands of the Guv'nor (who was awesome)

Pissed me off when merle was killed (Michael Rooker is the definition of awesome sauce) and was shocked in the manner of Hersalls death. Brought a tear to my eye lol